Sunday, May 22, 2011

Forever 21 Review Part 2 - the Maxi Dress

Seems that everywhere I look these days, there's a Maxi Dress in a store window.  So, during my little weekend shopping binge last Sunday, I couldn't help but pick one up for $14.97 at Forever 21. 

For us vertically-challenged ladies, I know seeing this dress just screams "ALTERATIONS!" but I actually think these dresses will work well for us as we can wear some tall heels or platforms, and hide the fact that we're getting a little height-help from our shoes. 

For this dress, I picked up a pair of Banana Republic wedges - which I can already tell are going to be my favorite pair of shoes for the summer.  They give me height, are super comfy, and, IMHO, are so freakin' cute!  Click here to find.

So, here's my attempt at fooling everyone into thinking that I'm actually average height ;)  Hmmm, maybe a belt would be good, as the dress is still a bit long - will try that soon!

Dress: Forever21 Nautical Stripes Maxi Dress, Size S (find here)

Readers, have you given the Maxi dress a go??

BTW, I am off to Italy tomorrow for 8 days and then to Slovenia for 6 - can't wait!  Needless to say, I'll likely not be blogging all that much!  I'll report back when I return!


  1. Hi Lily! I hope you are having a wonderful time in Europe :)

    I've been avoiding all the blogs lately and have managed not to spend even one penny on apparel :) I need to save up for hiking/sporty clothes anyway for a trip, so I'm trying to be good =D Plus allergies have been kicking my bootie. Haven't forgotten about you - hope you had/have a wonderful time?

    Love the dress :) I have no maxi dress - one of these days I will get one if it ever gets warm here in San Diego!

  2. What a cute maxi dress! Unfortunately it's sold out now. :(

    I recently bought one from BR (this one in PXS) and need to get it hemmed since it was too long even with my tall wedges on.

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