Friday, May 6, 2011

Re-organizing Your "Jewelry Box"

So, let's be honest, given how bold and big jewelry pieces are these days, I'd be surprised if many of us can actually fit all of our jewelry into a dainty little box - complete with a tiny spinning ballerina.  Instead, I'm guessing that many of your jewelry storage areas look a little like this:

Ok, well at least mine did.  This lead to much opening and closing of jewely box drawers, lifting and putting back on lids of other jewelry boxes, constant untangling of necklaces, and frantically trying to find my favorite pair of pearl studs or that necklace with a pendant that my mom gave me during my engagement get the drift.

Soooooo...enter in a very lost cost solution (got mine for $19.97) that you can find at any Wal-mart, Target, or in my case (being in the midwest) - Meijer*. 

This storage box is perfect for storing all of your accessories as it has tiny little drawers (perfect for those little stud earrings), and bigger ones to hold some of your chunkier pieces (like those beautiful Amitra Singh necklaces that I'm dying to own).  The see-through drawers also make this perfect for jewelry storage as you can quickly identify what is where, open the drawer, and pull out your target item.  If you're feeling really ambitious, you can even label the drawers for quicker retrieval, but I was feeling a bit lazy and am going to try out the un-labeled option first.

A word of advice - before starting to throw things into random drawers, spread your jewelry out and take an assessment of what you have more or less of (e.g., hoop earrings, dangly earrings, bangle bracelets, etc.) so you can strategically assign similar pieces to the appropriately-sized drawer.

Then, just start filing away.  The nice thing about this drawer system is that you can easily re-arrange the order of the drawers if you want to follow a certain system - for example, by color - anyone remember ROY G BIV? 

After about an hour of cluttering and then de-cluttering my bed (with a quick cat pounce interruption that caused my smaller earring to fly everywhere), Voila!  My jewelry is now in much better order, and I can hopefully use that extra time in the morning saved from looking for *that* piece, deciding which pair of shoes will go better with my improved accessorizing!

Hope you found this helpful!

*Author's Note: Meijer is a 24 hour super-store that basically sells everything under the sun for 24 hours/7days a week!  It's God's way of making up for the fact that we have to deal with such awful weather in the Midwest!


  1. WOW! That organizer looks fantastic and everything fits so well. I just have all my necklaces and larger earrings hanging on racks while I put my smaller studs and rings in a little tray. That's the extent of my organizing because if I put things in boxes, I won't even look at them. =)

  2. great idea! i don't own that many pieces yet...but when my jewelry starts to accumulate, i will probably go this route :) thanks for sharing.