Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Outfit

I was bacheloretting it this weekend (hubby out of town), so, that meant multiple girl-related activities - wine tasting Friday night with movies in the jammies, lunch on Saturday with some light shopping, then another lunch Sunday with much more involved shopping (posts soon to come with my new goodies).  Luckily, each outing was with different groups of beloved friends, so being my lazy self, re-wore the same outfit to each event (I know...gross - but there was no major sweating going on, so I was able to justify it). 

Since my crazed shopping spree after finishing my year of no-shopping challenge, I decided to bring together a few of the pieces that I've acquired in the past few months.  I'm certainly noticing that I'm gravitating back to the same outfits, and one of my favorite items has been the cardigan I purchased at Target for around $12.  It's been worn more than any other of my items and will likely be one of those purchases that will more than make its money back.

So, my outfit of the weekend is...

Target Cardigan (no longer online, find similar here)
Ann Taylor Loft floral blouse (no longer online, find similar here)
BR Boyfriend Jeans (find similar here from LOFT)
Loft leather woven belt (find similar here)
Target Tawny Wedges (find here)

Readers, what is your "go to" weekend outfit?

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  1. Sounds like you had a pretty fun weekend :) Aren't you glad the weather is getting warmer? I love that LOFT shell. What a casual chic outfit! Have a great week.