Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaack!

Well, after taking a year off from shopping, I am quite alarmed at how little time it took for my obsession over clothes to come back.  For this reason, I have decided to resume blogging (though am doing away with the lofty daily post goal) and am hoping to use this blog to stay on track with my reduced spending and shopping.  Throughout the course of my year of not shopping, I re-discovered quite a few things in my closet and am therefore determined to make the best use of what I already own, and only buy things that will complete my look or that will be replacing a favorite, but worn down, item.  Let's see where this goes!  I hope I get some followers soon, as I could really use the support and encouragement from other people!

As I have been working from home a great deal lately, I don't really have an occasion to get dressed up, however, I've been spending the past couple of days taking stock of what I have in my closet, getting rid of anything that is outdated, over-worn, or has no remote possibility of being fit into without some major starvation.  I'm also trying to put items together differently, having been recently inspired by two wonderfully dressed petites that I have discovered by Googling "Tory Burch flats hurt my feet." 

The first items purchase after being off "the fast" came from Banana Republic.  So, with my newly gained shopping restraint, I have decided to only buy items that I know will play well with things I already own and compliment my ridiculously huge wardrobe.  Here are a few pairings that I came up with using my new purchases.

New Item #1: Banana Republic short-sleeve wrap shirt.  A classic must have that will likely get much usage!

New Item #2: Ruffle placket stripped shirt.  I'm in need of a few more button downs that are roomy enough to not gap when I sit down - this shirt is perfect and I like the asymmetry of it.

New Item #3: No BR picture available, but you'll see it below - oh, what a difference a belt makes!

For the spring - white short sleeve shirt paired with a pair of Rebecca Taylor lavender Capri's

Wanted to see if this shirt could also be worn under a jacket if instead of the bow, I wrapped the sash around my waist again and tucked the ends into the back (see next picture).  I think it works, but am open to feedback!

Here's what it'd look like from the back with the ends of the sash tucked into the back - not that it matters if you wear it with a jacket - no one will see this.

Ruffle placket striped shirt pictured here with my favorite spring jacket (Gap from several years ago), white JCrew pants, and also a new item, a skinny silver belt from BR.

This shirt has to be able to be worn under a suit, since I go to so many client meetings - the muted stripes on the shirt paired with a lighter suit give off the feeling of warmer weather!

Skinny silver belt with bow - paired above with a black Jones New York sheath dress - a real find at TJMaxx many many years ago.  This item has lasted me forever!

Paired with a turquoise BR linen dress I bought a couple years ago on sale. 

Better with the belt?  I think so but am curious about other's opinions!

I have ordered a couple other things online - a long strand of pearls (was inspired by Extra Petite's blog), and Jeggings from the Gap and Banana (plan on returning the pair that least fits).  Stay tuned for another post when those items arrive

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