Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day & Jeggings

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!  Hubby and I went to our favorite restaurant to celebrate the day, so I decided to don a red wrap dress that I had bought a few years ago at a boutique in Indianapolis.  After now reading others' blogs about alterations, I'm beginning to wonder how much better these outfits would look with a bit of shortening to elongate my already short legs.  What are your thoughts?  Should I have the hem on this dress taken up?  (Also, I still have to master camera angles, as I am looking down in these two pictures which accentuate my double-chin - SIGH).

My Jeggings from Gap and BR and long strand pearl necklace from came in!  So here's my review along with pictures of these items on.  The Gap Jeggings were the winner as the BR pairs were too big (I ordered only what was available, a size 28P and a size 27 Regular, both which were too loose - Jeggings are supposed to be tight, I think).  I'll spare you pictures of those as they looked terrible - almost looked like Mom Jeans.
These jeggings are very comfortable, though they are skin tight.  They hit at the right place on the waist and have enough give in them to help you avoid the muffin top.  I love the color and worn look on the fronts of the legs.  These will be best for casual occasions as the wash is not dark enough to dress them up.  To order these, click on the image above.

As for the long-strand pearl necklace - love it!  Shown here, I decided to drape the necklace long and tie it toward the bottom (somewhat reminiscent of Flapper Girls).  The strand can be doubled and even tripled up to create very different looks.  The weight of the Pearls is nice and I like how the pearls are different sizes instead of one uniform size.  You can order these pearls by clicking on the image below.

Overall, very happy with my online purchases.  In trying to keep within a reasonable monthly clothing budget, I'm contemplating the return of the striped ruffle shirt that I purchased at BR last week.  Especially since I gave in and purchased a pair of tan colored boots - which I will review when they come in.  This returning to the shopping world is much harder than I thought it'd be!!

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