Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Purging - Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

And I don't mean purging in the scary bulimic sense.  I mean purging in the get rid of all that stuff that has been cluttering up your closet and remaining unworn because 1) it looks terrible on you, 2) taunts you for not being able to fit into it anymore, 3) should have been retired in the 90's, 4) is in such a condition that even a homeless person wouldn't want to wear it, even if it is in the single digits out there.

It took me about 2 evening's worth of time to go through most of my closet and decide what to keep, pair with something I hadn't thought of before, or put in the consignment/donation pile.  I also now have two official closets - one for season-appropriate clothes, and one for off-season clothing.

Here's are a few more looks I was able to put together as I was auditing my clothing stock - let me know what you think!  Also, I apologize beforehand for re-using the same belt and black Louboutin pumps.  The wardrobe I was going through was upstairs and I was too lazy to go up and down the stairs to pick the right shoes and find accessories to complement the look.  I realize some of these outfits can use a bit of color and zing.

The trench dress seems to be everywhere this season.  This was an old Ann Taylor Loft (circa 2008) that I paired with my new favorite belt (you'll see it again and again in the pictures below)

Hands down my favorite jacket from White House Black Market.  It's too bad that I can only wear it during warmer weather.  Though, I have been noticing people wearing jackets under their heavy wool coats and then sporting the jacket indoors - hmmmm...

Ann Taylor loft grey dress with Grecian draping across the body.  Not the most flattering dress on me alone, but paired with a jacket (burnt orange corduroy jacket here), it's wearable.  Same comment as above, maybe I should start wearing my lighter jackets indoors and treat them like blazers.

Okay, I'm quickly realizing that this jacket under a heavy winter coat may actually work.  This corduroy jacket was purchased at Nordstrom quite some time ago (2006, I think) at Brass Plum (the "younger" section).  I think it's a bit snug, but buttoned up with a belt, it might be a nice substitute for a cardigan.  What do you think?

Ann Taylor loft black cardigan with chiffon ruffle details.  I LOVE this cardigan.  When this was sold, they had it in dark purple, but my local store was sold out - figures!  Paired with a grey Target sheath dress - something I bought for $9 and have gotten way more than $9 use out of.  And, yes, I know, I should be adding some color here or pair this with a bright blouse and pencil skirt.

Okay, so definitely not wearing this outfit until the spring, but I was inspired to start pairing these longer shorts from White House, Black Market with heels and dressier tops to add some sophistication to what would otherwise be a very casual outfit.  Thoughts?

This Banana Republic skirt originally came with a satin sash the same color as the skirt itself.  I decided to pair it with a skinny belt to change it up a bit.  Once I can get my hands on a bright colored skinny belt (like those sold at BR right now - waiting for the sale and already over my monthly clothing budget), I will definitely be taking this outfit out for a spin.

I'm making a stop at my favorite consignment shop sometime this evening and hope to be able to trade in my unwanted goods for some "new" items (like a bright colored skinny belt).  If I do find something worth blogging about, I will.


  1. I think it would be fun to see what items you are purging :) I have a ton of purging to do myself, but have never tried taking it into a consignment store - never think anyone would want it! I like all the outfits you put together =)

    I started taking stock of all the things I'm purging - plenty of shoes I need to get rid of!

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