Friday, February 18, 2011

Pearlsitility & Review of Bad Boots for Short Women

My Piperlime shipment arrived yesterday with the Tan colored knee-high boots that I ordered.  Let me begin by saying that I was tickled by the cute packaging of my arrival (I'm all about packaging), so even those these puppies are going back, just the patterned lime green interior of the box with the smart matching envelope and my shoebox swathed in brown tissue paper was enough to make a repeat customer out of me.  That, and free shipping when you want to return your purchase.  Okay, now for the review of the boots that I do not recommend for people under 5'4".  These boots are really cute with the side buckles and the nice versatile color, but where they hit (on me at least) does nothing short of making hobbit-like illusions on my 5'1" frame.  I tried these on over my new Jeggings, and as you can see for yourself - they're a no.  I've never been known for large hips, but with these boots and these Jeggings - hello curves!

They may look great on you!  Hurry, they are on sale.  Click here to get them.
 BR white button down with whitle polka-dots, Gap 1969 Jeggings, Medium Wash, Hobbit boots (oh, I mean, Restricted Marine Boot in Tan)

I finally had a business-occasion to dress up for today, so given that the weather has doubled in the past week, I decided to pull out one of my favorite work dresses, layer it with a cropped jacket, and then throw on my new long-strand pearls to complete the look (this time wrapped three times).
Ann Taylor Loft cropped jacket (circa Spring, 2009), BR blue short-sleeved dress (from 2010 winter, I think).  BR nude patent leather heels.

I have somehow managed to injure my toes in the BR 3 inch nude colored patent leather heels shown above, so that's it for my fashion show today.  But in my next post, I will review and post a few pictures of my recent purchases from Banana Republic on a refund trip that inevitably turned into the purchase of more things.  But with 25% off for their President's Day sale, and with the return of a full-priced item (the white wrap shirt I displayed during one of me earlier posts - which I intend to buy when my budget is replenished in Petite instead of S-Regular), the damage was only $12.  Plus, now that these Hobbit-boots are going back, that puts me back on target of my monthly $100 clothing budget.


  1. Shame about those boots, they look adorable on you! I just found your site through, and your screenname intrigued me :) I think I will enjoy following your site to see how you continue to deal with your shopping addiction. I like how you list all the things you've spent and at how much. I do have one comment though - though I love how cute the font is that you use, it makes it slightly more difficult to read :)

  2. Thanks Grace - yeah, the boots were an enigma to me - but perhaps they look better on camera than in real life! Also, great idea about things that I'm purging - I may have to do this exchange thing where when one new item comes in (after being inspired and tempted by yours and others' blogs), an old item comes out - perhaps I can even offer the "old" item to readers to see if they might be interested in giving that item a new home...definitely worth thinking about! Thanks again for the post :)