Monday, February 21, 2011

Review of New BR Items

In my last post, I promised to provide a review of recently purchased BR items that I acquired while actually returning a few items I purchased during my first shopping spree after my "no shopping for a year" challenge.  Sadly, the vicious cycle is once again starting and I am very discouraged and bothered by how I have immediately reverted back to my shopping obsession.  It's like I never did spend that year avoiding shopping - I.  Have.  A.  Problem!

Regardless, here is my review of my recent purchases, that I'm quite happy with.  I am currently about $50 over my $100/month budget (sigh) and am fearful that this overage will continue to grow as I will be heading to Chicago for a business trip and will be staying near the Miracle Mile for one of the nights - eek!  I guess I could perhaps put myself on a fast every other month to help control the starting March 6th, I'm not allowed to shop for a month - hmmmm...could be promising.

Okay, now for my review - along with a picture of re-discovered existing items in my closet...

I really like the longer length of this cardigan (pictured below), it gives off a more fitted look and (IMHO) makes me look a bit taller - though it could be the 4 inch heels paired with dark-washed skinny jeans - always a good combo for vertically challenged people like me.  I paired the cardigan with a light pink polka-dotted top that has a lot of room and worn alone, makes me look pregnant...but paired with this more fitted cardi, I think it actually works pretty well.
Beige cardigan with floral chiffon detailing on the edges (can't find the sweater online, but click here for a similar length and fit)
BR skinny jeans, dark wash (from late 2009)
Aldo beige open-toed laser-cut stilettos

My first business trip in about a month!  So, I'm so excited to get to have a chance to wear my new finds.  Below is a top that recently went on sale at BR and I can see being very "year-round" (underneath a cardigan during late winter months, as pictured further below, or by itself during the Spring/Summer time).  You'll see my new favorite jewelry (long strand pearls) making another appearance.  My thought is get the most I can out of these purchases, so even if I do blow my budget, I rationalize it with the amount of times I put a new purchase to use!
Floral Tie-Neck Shell (click here to buy the item) - it looks much better in person when you can see the colors
BR belted wool grey skirt w/ rusching
BR snakeskin wedges (all time favorite shoes - 5 freakin' inches baby!)

All the above, plus BR long cardigan (can't find it online anymore)

One of my favorite purchases, and before my recent cardigan buying frenzy, about the only decent cardigan I owned, is making a re-appearance during my business trip.  I'm again getting use out of my pink polka-dotted shell (aka, pregnant shirt - no, not me, just what the shirt makes me look like when by itself).  Given that it is still winter, I'm donning the "winter white" trousers that have lasted me several years now.  I know, I'm very daring to wearing these in Chicago after about a foot of snow, but hopefully, I won't have to be trudging too far in this outfit and can avoid dirtying up my favorite "winter white" pants.
BR polka-dot sleeveless shell
Ann Taylor Loft black ruffled cardigan (unfortunately, you can't really see the cute ruffles because of my sucky camera)
BR silver belt (also cannot find online though it's currently available in the store)
BR wool white trousers
So, just a bit more blogging by way of a confessional and a couple small victories before I sign off.  Given that the purpose of this blog is to provide an outlet for my trials re-entering the shopping world, and in some ways to hold me more accountable, I'm listing out a few up's and down's from this past week with regard to trying to manage my shopping habit.

Downfall: Last Monday, I went to BR to return something, and walked out incurring a $12 tab - which means that I managed to re-spend the $64 dollars I was supposed to be putting back into my bank, plus $12.  The fruits of my sin are pictured above.

Downfall: I must have logged at least 3 hours since last Monday surfing the net and looking at clothes.  In that time, I purchased a pair of boots that I have since sent back, and ordered a smaller version of the very shirt that I returned during the trip listed just above - sigh - can you say vicious cycle?

Victory: I went to Forever21 yesterday after my monthly couple's massage with the hubby, spent an hour trying things on (okay, squeezing into things), and was very tempted to purchase 3 items that would've totaled up to $50.  Disgusted with myself, I quickly beelined for the nearest empty rack space, hung the items on the rack, and dashed out the door.

Downfall: After my mini-victory, guess who found herself immediately on the Forever21 website looking for the items she passed up just a 1/2 hour before?

Victory: I went to the Target website in search of a widely reviewed item in the Petite Shopper Blogging Community, came really close to buying it, and was able to dissuade myself from buying it by telling myself "hey, I'm going to Chicago tomorrow, will be near a kick-ass outlet mall, and then Michigan Avenue the next day, best to save up for that.  Oh, and if I am miraculously good enough to not buy anything (very hopeful, but also doubtful), I can go to my neighborhood Target store and pick up these items (and if they're not there, it wasn't meant to be)."  However, look at how adorable it looks on Jean (here), and Annie (here).  Sigh, to be a 00P!

Okay, that's it for my confessional this time around - the list maybe much much longer when I blog again after my return from Chicago - I'm scared.

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