Friday, April 8, 2011

Fashion Don't of the Month - April, 2011

Let me begin by saying that I do not purport to be a proclaimed fashionista or even someone who is always put together.  I have committed some very heinous fashion crimes in my day (probably even within the past month).  That being said, to keep things interesting, I've decided to blog about a "fashion don't" that I've observed (and believe me, I get to see a lot of them here in smallish town Ohio).  Some may disagree with my assessment of fashion don'ts, and I'm totally okay with that - in fact, I urge you to comment and put me in my place.  All I'm saying is that in my perhaps own weird sense of style, the things I will post as Fashion Don'ts will be fun to re-create and comment about as I go...

So, here goes, my very first Fashion Don't Post...

FASHION DON'T: Avoid pairing too many pieces together from the same color or theme.  Doing so will create an over-done look and appear to be too "matchy, matchy" (yes, that is the technical term). 

On a few occasions, I've interacted with who I will call Mrs. X.  A very lovely, middle-aged woman with a great figure, and generally nice pieces of clothing.  Where I've seen Mrs. X go wrong is by wearing too much of something thereby drawing way too much attention to how overly thought out her ensemble is.  For example, I last spotted Mrs. X in a white button down shirt, and well-tailored khakis (by themselves a nice understated classic look).  Her crime was then donning a pink beaded necklace that hit just below the collarbone, a floral patterned pink scarf that was tied loosely at the bustline, pink dangly earrings, almost neon pink slingback pumps, and to top it off, a handbag with a dog with a pink scarf tied around it's neck.  It almost brought back images of Legally Blonde - but way less couture.

In an attempt to re-create this look, I started with part of an outfit that I would normally wear - a sleeveless black ruffle shell, and a leopard print skirt.  Where it goes wrong is when I begin adding animal-inspired jewelry (including a faux-fur belt), and to really take it over the top, animal-print shoes (which appear to be from the giraffe family).  By the way, that's me trying to look animal-like (sad, I know).

Ann Taylor Ruffle Shell in black, Sz SP
Ann Taylor Wild Leopard Skirt, Sz 2P (no longer available online, sorry!)
Nine West animal print shoes
So, you ask, how do I make this "Fashion Don't" a "Do?" 

Ann Taylor faux-fur skinny belt (not available online)
Express bracelet (I think)
Earrings from somewhere in Portland

Step 1, lose the similar-themed accessories and (as Tim Gunn would say), use your accessories "thoughtfully"

Step 2.  Change it up a bit: I've always tried exercising the rule of wearing one bold item of clothing (in this case, the leopard print skirt), and then using the colors within that item to inspire the rest of the outfit.  So, the colors that jump out a me with this skirt are camel, black (covered by the top), and slight hints of tan and white. 

Step 3.  Add an understated necklace - like the Swarovski cat necklace I'm wearing (pictured below).

Step 4.  If the weather or occassion requires it, add another layer that picks up on colors in the bold item and tones down the loudness.

Step 5.  Wear shoes that represent another color in the bold item, will blend in with your skin tone, but also do not match the jacket exactly - or else you might be once again entering into "matchy matchy" territory.

So, you tell me, is the result a Fashion Do?  Judge for yourself (and please do feel free to say I'm wrong, I'm a big girl and can handle criticism - but appreciate it if you keep it constructive, I am human, after all)!

Swarovski cat necklace (find similar here)
Ann Taylor Loft Scuba Jacket, Sz 0P (no longer available online)
Aldo laser cut stilettos in tan(find similar here, beware of high price, though!)

--Very humbly yours, self-proclaimed fashion police-hionista


  1. I think you did a great job by finding things that "go" with your outfit instead of "matching" as Stacy from WNTW would say. LOL.

    You can be bolder with color choices like a red shoe or bright colored handbag! =)

  2. Haha Rawr! ;D

    I like the way you styled the skirt - the simple necklace, nude shoes - love =)

    You could go bolder as Stylepint suggested, but as per my personal fashion taste - I wouldn't want to go any bolder in a leopard skirt! It's so easy to look trashy in leopard... I think you look quite classy, doll. :)

  3. Love love your leopard print skirt and love your leopard print pumps too!

  4. @Stylepint: great idea! I do have a pair of red patent leather pumps that would do just the trick! Thanks for the suggestion!

    @Aubrey: thanks darlin'! I agree, animal print is "pushing it" for me these days. When I saw Wendy's ostrich skirt from, I thought to myself "some people can pull that off, and I am not one of them (she definitely is!)"

    @Lisa: thanks so much for the compliments...I hope you can find it at an AT store near you - I love the skirt and have gotten so many compliments on it already - it definitely brings out a little "Rawr" (as Aubrey would say) in you :) Yes, the shoes are great - just couldn't get myself to wear them with the leopard print skirt! BTW, go to the following link to find a few pairs that will let your your inner animal ;) :