Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Entry into the World of Spanx

Sigh...I have sadly come to the realization that my mid-30's body has no plans of changing and reverting back to the more slender version of itself.  "Trouble spots" have now become "I'll be darned if I change spots."  So rather than fighting the wonderful process of aging, why not just use a little help from great products developed by women who have also come to terms with their reality?

Inspired by a recent Wendy's Lookbook video focused on her Forever21 haul, I headed to my neighborhood store in search of a crocheted sweater that she featured in her video.  Of course, when you go to Forever21 in search of a specific item, it's nowhere to be found, and you are instead looking at a gazillion other similar items that come in only one or two sizes.  Nonetheless, during my search for Wendy's item, I found a few other things...things that when viewed in a distorted mirror that makes you look like you did at the age of 21 (also likely how the store go it's name), you are convinced to buy items that you really shouldn't.  Enter nude colored dress that resorted to my purchase of my first pair of Spanx. 

With the help of what I believe will become my new bff, and not drinking alcohol for a month (oh, and giving up sugar, and carbs, and doing pilates everyday), I could probably pull this dress off alone (see photo below (this is how trustworthy I am of you readers!) - one of many that did not make it to the blog because they looked horrendous).

Perforated Knit Dress (find here)

Trust me, it's the $15.80 price tag of this dress that makes it a keeper - that and the fact that I have no intentions of wearing the dress alone.  On my search for Wendy's tunic, I found this lace top that I originally dismissed, but after putting this dress on, figured it would be the perfect cover up for this very unforgiving dress (it yells at me with each sip of wine that I take while writing this blog).

Perforated Knit Dress paired with Lace Top (find similar here)

I think I can also pair the dress with some bolder jackets (given it's nude color) - see below for a jacket that I keep refusing to give up in hopes that it will one day find another article of clothing to be paired with - you tell me, does this work?

So, bottom line, nude unforgiving dress has 3 uses: 1) to act like a skinny litmus test, 2) will be worn with cover-ups, and 3) has served as a catalyst for Spanx.  Perhaps one day, when my body does decide to temporarily revert itself back to what it was in my 20's nude perforated dress might go solo (underneath a coat that will only be shed when in a dark room with flattering lighting) ;)

Readers, what "acceptances" have you had to make when it comes to things you can and cannot wear? 


  1. Hi Lilly,

    I saw your comment on my blog. It's nice to know a blogger from the same state. I have found several lovely items from F21 lately. The weather was so nice past weekend. It is horrible today. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. Cute dress! Great price! What size are you wearing, might I ask? (Pretty sure we're the same size...and I want :). Looks more pink in the website photo though...wish it was :( )

  3. @PetiteLittleGirl: Hi there! Yes, Ohio was almost unrecognizable Sunday with it's 70 degree weather! Glad to be connected to you and look forward to following you on your blog!

    @Aubrey - I'm wearing a Medium, and you silly girl, we are not the same size! You're at least one size smaller, so I think you will totally rock the M without the Spanx! It's available online (which I would recommend as it'll be hard to find in the store - this one was just randomly squeezed between a bunch of other stuff).

  4. I've never tried Spanx, are they comfy? I think the nude dress look great on you and I'm sure you'll get a lot of wear from it for spring and summer! =)

  5. Love the lace top, it's so gorgeous over that dress.

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  6. @Stylepint: oddly, Spanx are very comfortable, which is why I think they are all the rage. It does make one feel better when you hear the likes of Carrie Underwood and Kim K are wearing them on the red carpet! Thanks for the compliments on the dress - yes, hoping it becomes one of those "who knew?" items :)

    @Collections: will definitely check out your blog! Looking forward to staying connected with you!

  7. It's funny, I bought spanx years ago when I was graduating for college, to help with wearing under white pants (hellooo underwear showing!) and I didn't like them. It felt like I was wearing nylon stockings or something. So probably just not for me. They do wonders though, for sure.

  8. @Grace - yes, they can be a bit restrictive at times - but oddly, I like how they keep everything in and reduce the jiggle - I know, probably TMI ;) Girl, you don't need spanx!!