Sunday, April 17, 2011

Finding "Your Color"

A couple of weeks ago, I was tractor-beamed into H&M after dropping off a few items at my tailor (terribly located in the mall - makes it too hard to control spending) and picked up this shirtdress for $39.50 (available online in black, army green, and khaki for $24.99 - what gives??).  I also bought it in black, but in an effort to re-gain buying power and curb my habit, it's going back today (as I return to pick up my alterations - danger! danger!). 

H&M shirtdress (find here, orange available in stores)
Ann Taylor platform pumps in nude, Sz 5.5 (no longer available online)
I'm usually not one for bright colors, but I've worn orange a few times before and I've been told that it's a good color for my skin.  About a year ago, a client told me about a book called "The Color of Style" (click here to buy).  The book is written by a celebrity stylist who touts the importance of finding your colors.  Based on the colors found on your body (highlights in hair, color of original hair color, color of veins on your wrist, color of your iris, etc.), you can find colors that accomplish different things - energize, calm, give you power, etc.  It's pretty interesting, but I had a hard time finding my colors due to the fact that I am Asian, have very few different colors on my being (hair color - black, eyes - brown, highlights - brown, you get the point).  Nonetheless, I do think there is something to be said about finding that color that compliments your skin tone.

I'll be taking this little dress out for a spin during a professional conference I'll be attending this week and will report on whether this truly is "my color."

Readers - what is your IT color that makes you feel all sassy inside (and black is not a good answer!)?


  1. The orange dress does look good on you! I find that jewel and deeply saturated colors look better on me than muted, pale, earthy tones. It's mostly by trial & error. And by error, I mean, people asking me if I'm ok cuz I look sick. LOL.

  2. LOL @ Stylepint's "sick" comment. I get that with dark browns... sometimes ivory/white/beige depending on the shade. My FEROCIOUS color is a bright coral/orange - love it!

    I do like the color on you, Lilly. Good job taking the black shirt back. :)

  3. @Stylepint: thanks so much! I would agree, those jewel tones look amazing on you!!

    @Aubrey: love the FEROCIOUS comment. I ended up wearing this dress to my mid-year performance review with my boss and she remarked "oh, wearing your power color today are we?" Yes, I have way too much black - virtually slap me if I blog soon about a new black outfit (except for the Petite Fashion Challenge this month).

  4. I think most Asians should wear bold colors and rusty colors and avoid all pastels. It washes us out. I'm a huge Michelle Kwan fan, and she wore this gorgeous coral costume for one of her routines one year that I thought was most complimentary to her skin color. That's how I know it looks good on us Asians :P

    I think this color is beautiful - it's very bright orange/coral and it is most recently what my eyes seem to be most attracted to :D. I bought a lululemon jacket this past week that is that color. I was debating between black and what they called "Tango red", but went with tango red, despite the $$ of it. (Am buying some hiking/wicking gear for a trip in September.)

  5. (Ignoring the last sentence in parentheses and slapping you on Thursday! mwahaha!)