Friday, April 22, 2011

Re-soling Louboutins

After I was promoted last May, I decided that I was going to drop a serious wad of cash on a pair of shoes that would give me that added bit of confidence for scary work situations (e.g., presenting in front of a group of executives).  So, a pair of Christian Louboutin black leather Simple 100's were my item of choice!  These ladies instill confidence by 1) giving me about 4 inches of additional height, 2) look fierce with their painted red soles (even people not aware of the Louboutin signature sole have remarked on how stunning the red soles are), and 3) with some minor adjustments and upkeep, may go down in history as the best pair of shoes I have ever owned. 

Now that I've taken these shoes out for a few spins, the red sole has started rubbing off and have turned my fabulous red-soled shoes into my less-than-fabulous red-scuffed shoes.  But hope arrived in the form of Wendy's post about re-soling her Louboutins (find here).  Soon after reading this post, I Googled "soles for Louboutin shoes" and up popped a link to eBay hooking me up with Red Vibram Rubber Soles for Christian Louboutin Shoes.  Once I received my purchase, I took my shoes and the soles to my trusty cobbler, and 3 days later, my little beauties were back to being completely red on the bottom. 

A few learnings from this experience (you know, to apply to the next pair of Louboutin's I buy!):
1.  Most cobblers will have the red vibram rubber soles in stock (they must use it for other shoes), so check first before you go off and spend additional $$ buying them yourself (I paid $10 for mine).
2.  Ask the cobbler to stop the sole at the point where your shoe lifts off the ground.  I personally would have preferred that the vibram sole be cut shorter so that it didn't extend into the arch of the shoe as you can see the seam when it's extended to mid-arch - see picture below.

3.  I actually feel like I have better footing now that these rubber soles are on the shoe - before, the shoes were a bit slippery because of the slick bottoms.
4.  The cobbler suggested that I keep an eye out on the heel, as the heel tacks are very hard to remove if the tips are worn down too close to the heel itself.  They also suggested that when it comes time for replacing the tips, to use rubber ones instead of the tacks provided with the shoes - as the rubber tips are easier to replace and will also make the heels more comfortable (due to greater shock absorbency).

Also, per ExtraPetite's video comparing the Louboutin's to Ann Taylor's Perfect Pump, the Louboutin's do not have as much cushioning as the Perfect Pumps.  I have therefore added a couple of shoe pads to the fronts of my shoes which not only makes them more comfortable, but also keeps the shoe on my foot as I walk and when I wear stockings.  So, with a few little adjustments and upkeep, I am now getting the most out of my precious investment!

Readers, what splurge have you taken strides to care for and get the most use out of?


  1. I have never heard of resoling a pair of shoes. I guess it makes sense for expensive shoes :) Your cobbler did such a great job!

  2. Wow! Way to go with the CLs, I have yet to even try on a pair. I've had heel taps replaced, but beyond that, I haven't spent/splurged on anything that I had to especially take care of because I like to buy durable, hardy things that are pretty low maintenance. LOL. =)

  3. YAY =) on resoling the CLs :) I don't see myself ever owning a pair, as much as I love their red soles because they're too $$ for me for a pair of shoes. Will just live vicariously through you and Jean. Now that I found those AT pumps, I think I will stick to those as they already give pains to my wallet when I purchase them.

  4. I have always dreamed of owning a pair of CL's. Are they comfortable? They are definitely an amzing looking pair of shoes.

    1. I just got my first (and likely only) Louboutins in Las Vegas as an anniversary gift from hubby. The saleslady said if they feel good in the store, they're too small because they will stretch a bit as they break in. She was absolutely right - I've worn them twice now. The first time they were excruciating, then I wore them around the house on carpet for a while. When I wore them out for the second time, they were stunningly comfortable for a pair of 5 inch stilettos with no platform! At least, they were comfortable when I was wearing them, which was intermittent as every lady at the party had to try them on! :)

  5. I also resole all my Louboutins...I use the red vibram and I also find it helps me with grip, etc :) Yours are lovely - Simple 100s are the perfect pair of shoes for some "confidence building" with exec presentations, etc! Wear in good health :) Love your blog, followed you!

  6. @PetiteLittleGirl: because of the ugly scuffing that inevitably happens on red-painted shoes, it's a must if you want to preserve the all red look!

    @Stylepint: Yes, a definite splurge, but there's just something about wearing them that makes you feel so gooooood ;) I hear ya, though, 80% of what you're paying for is the name brand!

    @Grace - the AT pumps are great. i have the nudish-brown ones and love how comfortable they are - it's like walking on air!

    @LV-yes, they are comfortable for the height...but I stuck a few foot pads in the front to make them tolerable after being on my feet all day at a conference a couple of weeks ago. Like any 4-inch heel, they are bound to hurt after awhile!

    @Katherine: so glad I'm not alone in this camp - I do love that you can preserve the red color by only investing about $20 at a cobbler. I'm following you too! Love the interviews that you do!

  7. I read your post title as "re-selling Louboutins" and got all excited as I thought you had some shoes for sale. :) Oh, well. Still a good post in case I ever get some.

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