Wednesday, April 6, 2011

LOOK RECREATED: Ann Taylor LOFT Woven Ruffle Neck Dress

Recently, I decided to start a new personal challenge - to (at the best of my ability) re-create looks that are currently in my favorite clothing stores.  Ann Taylor LOFT has a dress that has gotten some buzz and fitting room reviews (by me, Proudly Petite, and Sisters Sincere, just to name a few).  In order to curb my spending habit and also get some use out of items that already exist in my closet, I decided to let this dress be the focus of my first "recreation" blog post.
The dress is currently in stores, but is sold out online.  In stores, the dress retails for $89.50.  I was anxiously waiting for it to go on sale, but that will likely not happen for such a hot-ticket item, so if you're interested, you may want to stop into your local LOFT store and ask the sales associate to help you locate one.  Or, you might also be able to create your own version of this dress.  Here's my rendition (sorry for the bad lighting - but for an apples to apples comparison, decided to re-live the fitting room using my iPhone and my bedroom mirror):
On the right: Ann Taylor Loft short-sleeved ruffled blouse (find similar here)
Banana Republic wool pencil skirt, in beige (find similar here)

As you can see, the silhouette created by the shirt/skirt pairing creates about the same look, though the rusching in the shirt, and lack thereof in the skirt, somewhat reverses the look (fuller upper, slimmer lower).  Nonetheless, I think the overall spirit of the look is captured by combining these two separate pieces together. 

PRO's of the AT Woven Dress:
  • No un-tucking of button down shirts.  However, here's a tip: in order to keep your blouses tightly tucked, use fashion tape (regular old double-sided tape works well too), stick it on the underside of your shirt, and adhere it to your skin.  A similar effect could be achieved by tucking the shirt into your leggings (if wearing any), underwear, or any body shapewear being used.
  • Fuller ruffles at the top.  The ruffles at the top of the dress are very flowy and pretty (though some may find them to be overkill).  For smaller chested women out there, however, this might be a bonus.
  • Linen & rusched bottom.  I love linen, especially in the warmer months.  This gives a summery feel to the ensemble.  The rusching is flattering and makes the waist appear smaller (as does the extra detail at the waist).
PRO's of Re-Created Look:
  • Sleeveless.  I actually prefer that the two-piece look covers the arms, as I have hang-ups about wearing sleeveless dresses at work.
  • FREE.  Need I say more?
  • Versatility.  I can wear each of these pieces with many other things to create multiple outfits.
I'm certainly interested in hearing others' thoughts on my first attempt at a re-creation. 
Is this good enough or have I completely missed the mark? 
Also what other suggestions do you have as to how I could better replicate the LOFT Woven Ruffle Neck dress?


  1. I think it's a great re-creation! I especially like the fact that your look is so much more versatile and I think even more work appropriate than the original but at the same time can also be played up to look more casual.

  2. I like your look better than the one from LOFT, but then again, that's primarily because I don't like the big ruffles. Way to remix! =)

  3. What a fantastic re-creation - you really did it so well! Love the ruffle top!

    p.s. I have same BR skirt as you!


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    Twenty York Street

  4. @b_ra: Thanks for the comment - yes, versatility is key, especially if you want to keep the shopping bill down!
    @Stylepint - thanks so much - yes, the ruffles were a bit over the top on the LOFT dress, weren't they?
    @20 York Street - thanks so much - I love the ruffle shirt as well as it really dresses up a plain white shirt :)

  5. I like your look WAY WAY better than the one at LOFT. It accentuates your figure so much more. I think the LOFT one looks like a potato bag. And I agree with Jess, that the smaller ruffles are MUCH better than the huge ones of LOFT's.

    I'm so behind on my blogs...been on the border of getting sick, so havent' been "with it"

  6. @grace - thanks so much sweetie! And, I'm $89.50 richer ;) Sorry you're not feeling well - get better!

  7. Love the recreated look. Your blog is so creative!

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