Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Being a "Tweener": Ann Taylor Sale Item Review

Disclaimer: My one-month shopping ban has been unintentionally broken (*sigh*) and when in the mall today to return some make-up at Sephora, the tractor beams of the Ann Taylor 40% off already reduced items event pulled me into the store and has led to today's post...not sure what to do about my lapse - just acknowledge that these things happen?

Now onto the actual post...

I admit that I am fortunate (or perhaps unfortunate) enough to not have to worry about being able to fill out the smallest size offered by popular clothing stores.  In fact, I find myself either wrestling (or shall we say shimmying) into size 0's or not filling out size 2's.  I realize that this is not really something worth complaining about, but it is frustrating, because I have a hard time knowing exactly what size to grab as I work my way through clothing racks.  To illustrate this point, I have snapped a few pictures using my trusty iPhone - if you could only see how much I had to contort my body for the back views, you might have gotten quite a chuckle from this "photo shoot."

The Ann Taylor Modern Wide-Leg Pant in Mud Pack (who thought of that name???), find here

Here's what a size 0P (left) versus a 2P (right) looks like on me.

Based on the front-view, the 2P seems like the better fit, right?  But then, when you take a look a the back - it's a whole other story. 

The 2P sags a bit in the back because I don't have the *uh-hem* assets, shall we say, to fill it out.  So, while I loved how the pants hung on my hips and didn't require any sucking in of the tummy to button, the back just ain't right.

But, there's hope!  I know that Ann Taylor regular sized pants are often a bit roomier (albeit longer).  I fell in love with the material and draping of these pants, so I wasn't willing to concede to the battle of being a tweener without trying one more option - a 0 regular!  See front and back views below.

So, in summary, I ended with the 0 regulars and will have to take these puppies in for some length adjustment, but, I think they sit nicely on the hips, my bootie is endowed enough to fill out the back, and I am once again a happy "tweener" camper. 

Readers: do any of you have similar experiences, and if so, what have you done to win the tweener battle?

I leave you now with a few other items that did or did not make it into the shopping bag (in case it's helpful as you shop online):

V-neck cardigan in limelight, Sz XSP (find here) - Purchased!
Faux fur skinny belt, Sz S (not available online, find similar animal-esque fun-ness here) - Purchased!
Wool trousers, Sz 0P (no longer available online) - Left in Store (too snug)

Wild Leopard Print Skirt, Sz 0P (find here) - Purchased (I guess I can get away with smaller skirts!)

Petite Utility Shirt Dress, Sz 0P (find here) - Left in store (not good for people with bigger arms, such as myself)

Blue Wrap Shirt, Sz 0 Reg (not available online, find white, textured version here) - Left in store (not all that flattering)

Military-esque woven zippered sweater, Sz XS Reg (not available online) - Left in store (sleeves too long and cannot be altered)


  1. Thank you so much for this post! I too am a "tweener" and never considered trying the regular pants. I should wander out of the petite section more often. And I love that leopard print skirt on you!

  2. @Rebecca: Thanks so much for the "thanks!" Yes, it's good to think outside the petite's from time to time - and it definitely opens your options (while also increasing your alteration bill - but sometimes, it's worth it!). Glad you like the skirt - I have an upcoming post that will focus it - so stay tuned!

  3. I'm a tweener when it comes to petite/non-petite tops. At LOFT the other day, I loved a khaki jacket in 00. In 00P, it fit everywhere nicely, but the length was about an inch too short. In 00R, the jacket was boxy, but it had the right length. In the end, I didn't get the jacket even though it looked amazing.

    But usually, I go for the bigger size and get it tailored to fit...if I really wanted it. Otherwise, I just wait until I find something that fits better. It makes my clothing options more limited. LOL.

  4. @Stylepint: Thanks for sharing your own "tweener" experiences! Yes, sadly, sometimes alterations are inevitable-but worth is when we don't always fit a particular mold! BTW, congrats on fulfilling your no shopping challenge and rewarding yourself in style! That steak place looks awesome!

  5. Ahhh! Ai chihuahua, Lilly - I love that leopard skirt!! So glad you bought it! Can't wait to see it on. Outfit picture peas c:

    I'm a tweener... because my damn shoulders and ribs hate me! I'm a 00P or XXSP in most tops in the waist, hips and arms but an XSP and 0P in the shoulders and bust. How do I cope? I don't. I wear things that are too big/too small in one area or the other. Hahahha... Sorry, I'm not much help.

    And seriously - mud pack? HAHAHA. Ahh, good times had in the boardroom I see.

  6. Ah, Aubrey, if your shoulders and ribcage are big, they aren't apparent in your pictures! But I hear ya, I have football shoulders and arms - sigh, but luckily my waist is also pretty porportional to them, so I'm good on tops, just not on bottoms (have a larger waist, smaller hips/derrier - thus the tween dilemma). I'll post pics of the rrrrrr (animal sound) leopard print skirt soon in my first ever "Fashion Don't" post. Stay tuned!

  7. @DSK Steph - thanks so much! I love it to! Definitely one that I'll keep and get some use out of. I've been intrigued with animal print for awhile, but this is the first item of that category that I've purchased - I feel so daring!