Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oh the Heights You Can Go without Stilettos!

In my last post, I had mentioned that one of my upcoming blogs would be focused on how I've been getting some height out of recently acquired Target shoes so I can occasionally not feel like the 5'1" person that I am.  So, here goes...

Xhiliration black strappy ankle boot, sz 5.5 (find here) - At first, I was a bit sheepish about wearing these shoes as I feared that they made me look a bit trampy - but then I got over it and realized that they are really fashionable and great with leggings, jeans, and when the weather finally gets warmer, evening-out shorts.  They are pretty comfortable, the rise in the heel scrapes the Achilles a bit, but nothing that can't be fixed with a clear band-aid.  The faux-leather is pretty pliable and the padding inside makes for a decently comfortable shoe considering the height. 

Paired with grey Susana Monoco Loft dress (find similar here)
Necklace from Lady Mosquito (find here)

Xhilaration Tawny Wedge Sandals, sz 5.5 (find similar here) - Okay, so some of you may have already read from ExtraPetite's blog that these shoes can be dangerous!  Jean reviewed these shoes and paired them with a chambray shirt and skinny jeans, and then recently with some adorable brown shorts and a striped off-the-shoulder top and referred to a comment I made on her review of these shoes to BE CAREFUL when wearing these height-inducing kicks.  They are very lightweight and comfortable, but taper down to a very skinny sole.  Add a 5-6 inch wedge, and you may fall prey to losing balance like I did while boarding a train in Windsor, Canada (my ring finger is still reminding me of the topple taken last Thursday).  However, I now walk with caution (even through several airports) and can happily report that I've worn these shoes on several occasions without another incident.  These puppies definitely give us shorter ladies the vantage point of our taller counterparts and, for me, instill confidence as I walk amongst the crowds no longer feeling like 90% of the population towers over me.  These shoes seem to run a bit big, so order down a 1/2 size if you buy these online.  They are also available in black.

So, there you have it - a way to instantly grow a few inches without subjecting yourself to too much foot torture.  I'll definitely be keeping my eyes out for wedges as the weather continues to warm - can you say Espadrilles?  Here's what I currently have my eye on - and to think I passed up Target's buy one get one half off sale this past weekend (how's that for self-restraint during my 1-month shopping fast?).
Click here to find them!


  1. Those black strappy heels are HOT HOT HOT on your feet. So much so I would love to get a pair - do they only have these in Target stores?

    I notice that a lot of the Target shoes with the zippers in the back dig into my achilles tendon. That happened with the gold cork wedges I bought, just from walking around the house with them. Need to invest in some clear bandaids : )

    I'm also happy to hear you've learned how to walk in the Tawny wedges. They are so adorable on both you and Jean. That's really sad about what happened with you with the narrow heel. The cork wedges are the same.

    BTW, I love espadrilles. I have a pair from last year and a Steve Madden pair I got earlier last month. But I'm still learning how to wear them - in time for spring!

  2. You poor thing!! I have to tell you, though, it's happened to me a dozen times too. Mostly around the house, thankfully, but I've had a few good spills out too! Haha. I'm just glad you didn't hurt yourself too much - I hope your finger feels better soon my dear.

    I think those brown wedges look fantastic on you, and the black heels look so cute with your leggings. They look a bit loose around your ankles in the closeup photo, however. Is this the case? I always feel more secure in shoes that fit snugly around the ankle.

    xx Happy St. Pattys. I better sleep already. hehe.

  3. @Grace: thanks for the comments on the shoes and for affirming that I don't look like I should be walking the streets ;) Unfortunately, yes, I think you can only find them in the stores as I could not locate them online. Probably better, anyway, as the sizing seems to be a bit weird and you'd be best to try them on. I think they were only $24.99, so perhaps you can justify a *small* purchase (I'm not a very good shopping ban partner, am I?). Yes, Espadrilles are so awesome - can't wait to score a pair in April!

    @Aubrey: Spills are no fun, but a necessary evil when you have to wear platforms/heels, ay? Thanks for the well-wishes about the finger, still not wearing my wedding ring due to the swelling, but at least I didn't break the finger! Thanks for the comments about the shoes - they are so comfortable. You are right about the looseness of the ankle shoes - that's probably the only complaint I have about them - however, it doesn't seem to impact the comfort level (except for the Achilles digging situation). Wear green today (hmmm, I'm thinking a post on green clothing is in order)!