Monday, March 21, 2011

To Keep or not to Keep - that is the question!

Well, my so-called month-long shopping ban was put on a temporary hold when I "had to" spend a $100 gift card at a local boutique (paid $50 for it on Groupon) that expired on 3/22.  I headed into the store fully expecting 100% self control and only allowing myself to grab things that would fall well within $100.  Well, in local boutiques that does not happen...1) because they tend to be smaller stores so it's harder to slip under the sales associate's radar, 2) because local boutique prices are simply higher because you are paying for the quaint store feeling and the fact that the owner hand selected the pieces that he/she found worthy to offer his/her customers, and 3) because for some reason, when things are displayed on hangers hung several inches apart from each other, they suddenly become much more appealing and easier to grab.  So, I headed into the fitting room expecting everything to look awful on my short physique, and unfortunately came across a couple of dresses that I "had to" have.  I'm posting pictures of them below and really, really, really need your (yes, that means you, reader) advice as to whether either or both of them are keepers.  The hubby has already weighed in on the wrap dress and thinks it looks funny in the shoulders.  Say hello to the return of shoulder pads!
Yoana Baraschi silk wrap dress (cannot seem to find this anywhere online - sorry!)
Gypsy 05 Tamara Silk Butterfly Dress, Sz XS (find it here)

Also, just a quick discovery tidbit - Photoshop works wonders with pictures!  I know this is likely a no-brainer to the more seasoned bloggers out there, but WOW!  I recently bought my husband a "serious" camera for his birthday (okay, yes, maybe this was self-serving as I figured it was high time I start taking better pictures for this blog), and had a chance today to experiment with Photoshop - see for yourself what a difference exposing an underexposed picture can make-I'm sure you can guess which is the before and which is the after!

So, readers, which dress should I keep - or should they both go back??


  1. I find the draping on the second dress to be a little funky in the back. Not sold :-\ I do like the 'easy' feel of it and the colour, though.

    Okay, call me crazy but I'm loving the structured look of the first dress. I don't even think it needs hemmed - looks great at that length, looks very polished and sophisticated! This dress gives you a gorgeous defined waistline, gorgeous sublte volume in the hips and tapers at the knee giving such a feminine silhouette. And, coming from someone who is also self conscious about her arms, I think the sleeves are great - a little bit of coverage to help you feel more confident and I think they look quite nice in this dress =)

  2. I'm with Aubrey on this once. I think it looks great from head to toe (the first dress). Definitely a keeper! You look like a high powered VP of some company in it but in style! :)

    I would return the second one... it's very strange looking and it looks very drapish. Like the dress is wearing you, not the other way around. No good.

  3. @ Aubrey & Grace (aka, my loyal commentators): thanks so much - gosh, this is why I blog and bravely post pictures about things that I am unsure about! You both have the complete 180 perspective of my husband - but I trust your comments much much more as you are 180 times more fashionable than he is!! I will do as you suggest! Thanks so much!