Friday, March 25, 2011

Forever 21 Review: Turquoise Explosion!

A couple weeks ago, I was trying to find a skirt that would give some oomph to the black lace cardigan that Jean rocked so well.  I bee-lined for Forever21 as my goal was to get something cheap that would be suitable to pair with the lace top but would not break the bank.  I eventually came across this skirt that has some nice detailing around the bottom, is turquoise in color, and best yet, is elastic!  So, forking out the $11.99 was a no brainer!  While in the store, I decided to journey over to the jewerly section to find a few more necklaces that hang lower than the bustline (as that appears to be the trend these days) and picked up a few cheapies to use this season.  Jean recently tweeted about covering necklaces from Forever21 with clear nail polish to prevent tarnishing - interesting idea - one I think I'll try!

Forever21 turquoise necklace (found in store, find similar here, in brown)
 Forever21 locket necklace (find similar here)
Forever 21 turquoise ring (find similar here)

Forever21 turquoise skirt with detailed hem (find similar here, albeit shorter)
So, I guess you could say I'm digging the turquoise these days - something about the jewel tones that make me feel kind of exotic!

Readers, is there a color that you're channeling these days?


  1. Ooooo!! I love that turquoise necklace! And great find on the skirt. I really love the way it looks paired with the lace cardi. The booties (?) and tights add some serious sex appeal =) Love!

    Oh, and your eyeshadow is super cute too!

  2. That skirt plus all your jewelry is SO beautiful. I love the colour blue, especially the one that you are wearing. I agree with Aubrey - you are looking sexy!

  3. @ Aubrey & Grace - Love you ladies! You just made my day (or shall we say late night as it's 2:48A out here in Ohio!).