Saturday, March 5, 2011

Target Review - The Must-Have Sheath Dress & Clearance Items!

I decided to make a stop into Target after my spinning class last Sunday - even after having placed an order online for a few things (tsk, tsk, as if I need to spend more money), and was, of course, seduced by several items that made their way into my shopping cart (actually, didn't use a cart as I thought that would curb spending - so much for that!).  Here is my review of both in-store and online purchases:

First up, the "Must Have" Sheath Dress: I tried this on in the store and assumed that it would look awful.  Imagine my surprise when presented in front of me was a well-made (it's lined inside), and fitted dress!  The length is actually good for my porportions and the rusching adds to the nice silhouette this dress creates.  I'm going back for the dress in beige, and am tempted to buy it in black too - eek!
Mossimo Women's Sateen Dress - Blue Ocean, Sz 2 (find it here)
Xhiliration belt (see below)
BR patent leather nude pumps
Xhiliration colored skinny belts - LOVE LOVE LOVE these colored skinny belts that I found in the store for $12.99 a piece.  I was so tempted to buy them in every color - they also have them in bright pink and orange.  As you can see from the picture above, I've already gotten good use out of the yellow one.  Unfortunately, I can't find these belts online (where in the world does store their belt selection???), but trust me, just go to the belt section at your local Target store and you will likely find yourself in a state of Xhiliration (ha ha ha) over how many skinny belts are being offered for less than $20!
 Now, the great sales/clearance items I scored:  

Xhiliration Thetis Strappy Sandal in tauupe, Sz 5.5 (find here)

    Xhiliration Thetis Strappy Sandals - extremely comfortable and will work well with summer dresses and lighter weight pants, skinny jeans, etc.  I hope to take these to Italy with me in May and get some good wear out of them.  On the Target website, they are still listed as $19.99, but in the store, I got them for $9.97...if you're interested, it maybe worth a visit to the store itself to see if you can score the same deal.  Too bad it's still in the 30's outside - I want to wear these now!
Teanna Heeled Sandals, in Tan, Sz 5.5 (find here)
 Xhiliration Teanna Heeled Sandals - also very comfortable and an instant height extender for us vertically challenged ladies - I'm showing a few pictures of these shoes paired with the Cargo pants, skinny jeans, and even a skirt so you can see the versitility of these shoes.  I originally thought the ankle strap would cut off the leg and look atrocious, but with the nud-ish color of the shoe and the height of the heel, I think it actually works to elongate the legs.  This was another steal, showing as $19.99 online but $9.97 in the store - check it out if you can.  I think I'm going back to buy them in brown too!

Teanna sandals paired with an A-line skirt (BR)

Teanna sandals paired with jeans (BR)
Do these sandals work with the skirt?  Please comment and let me know!

Mossimo Juniors Skinny Cargo Pants - These pants are super comfortable and not nearly as bad looking as I thought they'd be on my short frame.  I figured that skinny pants (aside from jeans) should only be worn by people with skinny (hence the name) or super long legs, but I think these pants actually work okay.  Also, the good thing about skinny pants is you can adjust the length of the pant to be worn with heels or flats because of the tapered leg at the bottom. These pants are on sale for $17.00 online and in the store.  Definitely can take the place of jeans given the more neutral color (remember, grey is the new black!), and the comfort/fit.  I might go and get them in the other color, an army/olive green variety, because they are so comfy!

Mossimo Juniors skinny cargo pants, Quartz Grey, Sz 1 (find here)
Mossimo Teanna Heeled Sandals, in Tan, Sz 5.5 (find here)
Xhiliration Juniors Open Cardigan Sweater-I saw this cardigan on the Clearance rack and was skeptical (as one often is when they see something on Clearance), but was surprised when I put it on with the "Must Have" sheath dress and how nicely it worked with the dress.  This will definitely be a go-to piece throughout the spring and summer months as I need a cover-up for my sleeveless tops and dresses to make my outfits work-appropriate.  This cardigan is on sale for $16.08 (I don't get Target pricing!?!), down from $22.99, however, online it is still full-price - so go to your local Target store! 
Xhiliration Juniors Open Cardigan Sweater (find it here)
Mossimo Women's Sateen Dress - Blue Ocean, Sz 2 (find it here)
Xhiliration belt (available at your local Target store)
BR patent leather nude pumps
Now for the items purchased online:

Xhilaration® Juniors Lace Cardigan Sweater - Black S - Okay, so I acknowledge that I am not rocking this piece as well as Jean does from, but for $11.97, I think I can still get some use out of this item.  I paired it with a contrasting red top and a black pencil skirt with an Ann Taylor Loft wide belt.  This sweater may also work un-buttoned worn with a black sheath dress or a bright colored sleeveless top and black pants.  We'll see - but for less than $12 (and it's now on sale for $9.98), I think I'll keep it.

Xhilaration® Juniors Lace Cardigan Sweater - Black S (find it here)
BR black pencil skirt
Bebe maroon sleeveless camisole
Christian Louboutin shoes

Mossimo Supply Co. Metallic Odell Ballet Flat - 5.5 - These shoes were less than $5 - they are a little tight as I am pretty much a consistent size 6 (though in Target shoes I think I'm a 1/2 size smaller).  I'm hoping they stretch with time, but for $5, it's worth a gamble.  These will be cute with skinny jeans, capris, and shorter shorts - definitely not with longer bermuda-type shorts as that'll make my already short calves look like tree stumps!!
Mossimo Supply Co. Metallic Odell Ballet Flat - 5.5 (find here)
Okay, now for the items that are going back to the store...

Mossimo Cognac Velika Tie PT Pump - um, no.  These shoes looked really cute online, but once I put them on, I knew they weren't going to work.  First off, the edge of the shoe digs into my ankle bone.  This maybe due to the fact that I ordered this a half size up (due to availability).  As you can see from the side-view with these jeans, these shoes make even my size 5.5/6 feet look huge.  I also am not crazy about how high up the shoes go.  Perhaps I'm just not being creative enough about what to pair these shoes with.  Trust me on this one, they looked awful with a skirt.
Mossimo Cognac Velika Tie PT Pump (maybe you'll have better luck - find it here)

Merona® Collection Petites Adelle Printed Skirt - Scroll Jacquard 2P - again, not a winner.  Something should have told me that this skirt was not going to work based on the fact that it was priced at $9.44.  As you can see from the picture below, the fit is too big in the hips and altogther unflattering.  One might consider alterations, but to spend more on alterations than the actual item is not a path I want to go down.  It looks so great on the model - who I am sure is not a 5'1" person.  Too bad, though, I liked the print!

Merona® Collection Petites Adelle Printed Skirt - Scroll Jacquard 2P (find it here)

So, Target is my new favorite store.  My only complaint is that the website is very difficult to navigate through - does anyone else have this problem?  I feel like they just randomly return search results and that it keeps changing each time you look for an option...or maybe it's user-error - who knows!  Nonetheless, for cute, trendy items that maybe hit or miss, it's my go to place these days - especially in-store where you can try things on and get them cheaper than you might online.


  1. I agree that Target's store returns results randomly it seems online.

    I really like those colored belts - especially the yellow one you were wearing up top. You reviewed a lot of Target items! I really like those cargo pants on you, and I think your legs are skinny already :)

    Those flats are adorable : ) I don't wear flats, but looking at your picture they look cute!

    I think the lace top works really well with skirts. I don't wear enough skirts so it wasn't worth it to me to keep the lace top. It just looked odd wearing it with jeans and I didn't like how tight they were in the arm. I think what you scored was great items - and at Target too!

  2. I do like the lacy cardigan with the pencil skirt!!

    Also, wtf - colourful skinny belts for $12?? How did I miss this?? How do they run in so far as sizing? Will they need a belt hole-punch job?

  3. @Grace: You're too kind, but thanks for the remarks on the pants - they are sooo comfortable, I highly recommend them! Thanks for the comments on the lace top, as well. I actually found a fuller turquoise skirt at Forever21 yesterday that I ended up pairing with the Target cardi - will try to post a picture of that soon.

    @Aubrey: Thanks for the comments about the lacy cardigan - it's one of those things that you aren't sure about yourself, so comments such as yours and Grace's are very helpful :). As for the belts, yes, they are awesome - you have to check them out (btw, they are Merona brand, not Xhiliration like I had thought). They fit fine on me (I think I'm a 26-27" waist), so for someone with a smaller waistline, you may need to punch a few holes as I use the smallest one when I wear the belts up higher. But, as Jean has mentioned, skinny belts look really cute looped around, so the extra length can actually work to your advantage.

  4. Okay I'm glad I didn't get the Velika shoes now after seeing your review. Not sure why they are SO raved about on, right? Sorry to hear that they are uncomfortable.

    And oh my gosh - you POOR THING Lilly! I just got an email with your comment and my heart goes out to you (although I admit I did have a chuckle, remembering my own trauma). I hope your left hand has recovered from being smashed. I ended up keeping those shoes, but weather here has not permitted outdoor wearing yet. Now I'm super scared, lol! I will keep your experience in mind the first time I totter outdoors in them.

  5. @PetiteAsianGirl: you are so sweet! The hand is healing (it's been a couple of hours now on the train with some ice - nothing that a little Tylenol and time won't fix). Yes, please be careful when you wear these. I think the fact that they are so lightweight and comfortable makes one forget how narrow the sole is and the importance of being mindful of the potential for sudden loss of balance. They looked adorable on you with the chambray shirt and jeans, but do be cautious!