Sunday, March 27, 2011

Petite Fashion Challenge #6 - All Tied Up

Today's blog is in response to Stylepint's Petite Fashion Challenge (#6):

"For this challenge, start off with a jeans and tee basic look (it can be any style or color) and dress it up to show off your personal style with accessories, jewelry, and whatever you’d like to add."

Because I'm on a supposed month-long shopping ban (though I've already made a few exceptions - I guess you could call this more of a curbed spending month), I decided to use items already in my closet rather than buying something new to spiff up the jeans and tee combo.  As I stood in my closet hmm-ing and haaa-ing about what to add, my eyes wandered over to my husband's side of the closet and landed on a 70's ish tie that he was given by his uncle on his 40th birthday.  I've always been into interesting belts and using them to give a little more oomph to a blase outfit, so I decided to use this tie to jazz up this outfit and to serve as a color inspiration for the other pieces.

So...(I apologize for the grainy pictures - still trying to figure out photoshop, fancy camera, self-portraits, etc.)

H&M white t-shirt, BR trouser jeans

Corduroy Jacket from Brass Plum (Nordstrom), Hubby's 70's-ish tie, and yellow flower necklace from Lady Mosquito (find here)

I think it actually kind of works, so you can bet that I'm going to continue to raid my husband's tie rack for makeshift belting.  If you do plan on doing this, though, keep in mind that the tie becomes a bit wrinkled and will require re-pressing so as to not upset the male friend from whom you borrowed this accessory :)


  1. What a great use of the tie as a belt. It's awesome that you pulled the colors of the tie and used it for your blazer and necklace! Thanks for participating! =)

  2. I love the pink blazer, and you styled everything so well! The tie and flare jeans give your outfit a really neat 70s vibe. :)

  3. @ Stylepint & ShortieK - thanks so much for the comments! This was really fun to do - thank you Stylepint for the opportunity!

  4. Very creative of you to steal hubby's tie & use it as a belt. Are you wearing boots or pumps under your jeans? I see just a tiny peek of them from under your trouser jeans.

  5. @ Alternations Needed: thanks so much for the comment! I was wearing a pair of low-heeled wedged pumps from Aldo - definitely going for comfort in this outfit!

  6. Using your hubby's!!


  7. Love the idea of you wearing your hubby's tie! :) Really love your BR trousers too!

    Lilly, do you have a twitter account?

  8. Thanks Grace! And I think by now, you know I have a twitter account (though still getting used to it). My Twitter name is shopaholic_rtns. Thanks for asking and following!

  9. My hubby does a good job of wrinkling his ties on his own (do men ever hang up things?), so I'd be safe :D That is a funky fresh tie! Great jacket and awesome wideleg jeans!
    Check out my try at the PFC #6!