Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Going Beige

Yay!  My LOFT scuba jacket finally arrived!  It was a much coveted item after seeing it first on Jean, then on Annie.  I tried on the 0 Regular in the store last weekend and was dismayed at the fit, but luckily, the Sales Associate willingly hunted one down for me from a store in Chicago and had shipped to me a 00P and a 0P.  I had a feeling the 0P would fit, but ordered the 00P just in case as the 0 Reg was so boxy.  The 0P fits well and is a definite keeper at the bargain price of $48.44.  So, I'm now left with a 00P and am happy to ship it to anyone who is interested in buying it for what I paid for it - $51.60 (inc tax) + shipping.  If you do want the jacket, please post a comment within the next week and I'll generate an invoice for you via Paypal (once I calculate shipping), otherwise, I'll just take it back to my local LOFT to get a refund.

Ann Taylor LOFT Scuba jacket (available in stores only now, but 00P up for grabs)
Jones New York black sheath dress (circa 2003, TJ Maxx!)
Ann Taylor Factory Store patent leather belt, Sz S (find similar here)

Also, my discovery of the awesome Target sheath dress brought me back to the store to purchase it in beige.  I'm still working with how to style it with the right color combo's, but am interested in hearing opinions about pairing it with a brown braided belt - what do you think?

Mossimo Sateen Dress in Beige, Sz 2 (find here in Olive color)
LOFT braided brown belt (find similar here)
BR Factory Store cropped orange sweater (circa 2009)

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I am on a month-long shopping "fast" to recover from my binging in February.  So, this upcoming month, I'll either be posting about things I have acquired but still not blogged about, or will be having a few give aways as I begin to clean out my closet.  Just pay shipping and you can have whatever gently-used, outgrown-by-me item you like.

Coming soon...

  • Getting some height out of Target Shoes
  • Forever21 - jewelry & a fun skirt for less than $12!
  • My first purge/give


  1. I think that jacket looks fantastic! I saw a woman trying on the scuba pencil skirt, though, and it was NOT pretty. I don't think the material works downstairs! lol Is it comfy?

    Oooo... I have to check that dress out in stores. I'm not a beige person but the olive might work. =)

  2. That jacket looks fantastic on you Lilly! :) BTW, I like the new look of your blog -- much better than before! :) Love the huge background too.

    Since I'm on a ban, I think I will have to live vicariously through you girls for a while :)

  3. Well, I caved - bad bad me on the ban. But I had wanted the blazer for a while, and it was on sale. Did you get the hazelnut or the spring camel Lilly?